Saturday, December 4, 2010

Open For Business!

After careful planning and lots of preparation, I am pleased to announce re*kindle is open for business!

I started re*kindle, my Etsy vintage shop, in March of 2008. It was a thriving little shop but then became a bit neglected due to a queasy pregnancy and subsequent adventures in new mama-hood.

I'm back... and so excited about a brand new look and fresh new start! I have a handsome, hearty inventory I can't wait to share, but first... bring on the holidays.

Be sure to stop by my shop to see what else is in store! New inventory will be added regularly, and I have big plans to add upcycled and a few vintage-inspired handmade pieces to the mix.

And visit this blog (hello!) for tales of thrifting adventures, (well-intentioned) crafty pursuits, and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks.

Make: Gift Tags

After a quick round of hand print turkeys and a handmade anniversary card, I had some substantial scraps of paper left bearing my son's recent interest in markers and crayons. I couldn't quite bring myself to throw away the scraps - although I'm not above cutting up his drawings for personal gain, especially when he used heavy cover stock paper.

With only a few minutes of sacred nap time left, I decided to use the scraps to make gift tags - a great supply to have on hand for the upcoming holidays. While its not a new idea by any stretch, it is a good reminder that sometimes simple really is best.

One: I cut the paper scraps into 2" wide by 3.5" tall pieces. (I had enough to make 25 pieces.)

Two: I trimmed off the top two corners of each piece, creating a tag shape. Once I had one cut, I used it as my pattern for cutting the rest.

Three: I cut scraps of patterned paper into .75" x 1.5" rectangles. (I used scrapbooking paper but gift wrap - even junk mail - would work too.) I folded each rectangle in half, slid the strip on top of the trimmed end of the tag, and then glued half to the front of the tag and half to the back. Finally, I used a standard hole punch to punch through the top of the tag.

I think the addition of patterned paper adds a bit of sophistication and polish, making the scribbled art seem intentional rather than "Oops, look who found some markers!"... but maybe that's just the proud mama in me talking.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The merry-making has officially begun.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Collect: Canning Jars

My love for canning jars has increased exponentially since we've moved into a one hundred year-old farmhouse. I completely blame the house, as I am quite certain the desire to jam is ingrained in the wood floors.

While the closest thing I've come to jamming was a short foray into homemade pickles, my accumulation of glass jars has grown quite handsomely. I have a small collection of blue glass jars set aside as candle holders for dining alfresco in the summer. The most recent additions are sweet little jam jars:

(This one holds my current favorite treat, Mamba Fruit Chews, but I think it would make a lovely cocktail glass too.)

With the holidays coming up, I can't think of a prettier (or simpler!) way to share baked goods:

Photo by: Ellybeth

One of our local thrift stores sells canning jars for .29¢ each. I try my hardest not to scoop their entire inventory into my arms while hissing defensively as other customers walk by.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Make: Canvas Art

It never fails, while the impending arrival of house guests should leave me chasing dust bunnies, or at the very least stashing them behind closed doors, I am usually knee-deep in a last-minute, can't-live(or clean)-without-it, creative project. Sure, there might be a pile of laundry in the middle of the living room floor, but how can I continue without vintage wallpaper lining my sock drawer?!

D's parents were expected to arrive in about 48 hours. True to form, I decided we must have art to hang in the guest room during their stay, ignoring the completely mismatched curtains hanging in said room. With this pillow in mind (it's been on my wish list for months), I grabbed supplies I had on hand and enlisted our 18-month old son to help.

One: I spelled out my message using a combination of sticker letters and handwritten letters drawn & cut from blue painter's tape. (Using sticker letters exclusively would be a big time-saver.)

Two: I applied my message to the front of a 24" x 24" white canvas.

Three: I selected a few paint colors (acrylic), covered our wood floor with plastic drop cloths, and turned our son loose* on the canvas. (I rotated the canvas between colors and made sure the area around the message was thoroughly covered with paint - both necessary steps for my less-is-more little artist.)

Four: Once dry, I carefully removed the sticker and tape letters to reveal the message preserved in white canvas underneath. I used white paint to cover up any paint that had seeped underneath the letters.

Five: I hung the canvas and admired, ignoring the dust bunnies as they scurried by.

We made a pair - one to serve as a "headboard" above each twin bed. I hope to add to these canvases as our son gets older, leaving areas untouched to preserve his 18 months, and adding new details as he (and his artistic talents) grow.

*Acrylic paint and a toddler are not for the faint of heart. Make sure your artist is beyond the "PUT EVERYTHING IN MY MOUTH!" stage and is wearing clothes that can be destroyed - you know, like that "cute" mint green romper your great aunt sent him - or no clothes at all. Washable paint can be used but be prepared for more seepage.