Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Make: Canvas Art

It never fails, while the impending arrival of house guests should leave me chasing dust bunnies, or at the very least stashing them behind closed doors, I am usually knee-deep in a last-minute, can't-live(or clean)-without-it, creative project. Sure, there might be a pile of laundry in the middle of the living room floor, but how can I continue without vintage wallpaper lining my sock drawer?!

D's parents were expected to arrive in about 48 hours. True to form, I decided we must have art to hang in the guest room during their stay, ignoring the completely mismatched curtains hanging in said room. With this pillow in mind (it's been on my wish list for months), I grabbed supplies I had on hand and enlisted our 18-month old son to help.

One: I spelled out my message using a combination of sticker letters and handwritten letters drawn & cut from blue painter's tape. (Using sticker letters exclusively would be a big time-saver.)

Two: I applied my message to the front of a 24" x 24" white canvas.

Three: I selected a few paint colors (acrylic), covered our wood floor with plastic drop cloths, and turned our son loose* on the canvas. (I rotated the canvas between colors and made sure the area around the message was thoroughly covered with paint - both necessary steps for my less-is-more little artist.)

Four: Once dry, I carefully removed the sticker and tape letters to reveal the message preserved in white canvas underneath. I used white paint to cover up any paint that had seeped underneath the letters.

Five: I hung the canvas and admired, ignoring the dust bunnies as they scurried by.

We made a pair - one to serve as a "headboard" above each twin bed. I hope to add to these canvases as our son gets older, leaving areas untouched to preserve his 18 months, and adding new details as he (and his artistic talents) grow.

*Acrylic paint and a toddler are not for the faint of heart. Make sure your artist is beyond the "PUT EVERYTHING IN MY MOUTH!" stage and is wearing clothes that can be destroyed - you know, like that "cute" mint green romper your great aunt sent him - or no clothes at all. Washable paint can be used but be prepared for more seepage.

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