Friday, November 26, 2010

Collect: Canning Jars

My love for canning jars has increased exponentially since we've moved into a one hundred year-old farmhouse. I completely blame the house, as I am quite certain the desire to jam is ingrained in the wood floors.

While the closest thing I've come to jamming was a short foray into homemade pickles, my accumulation of glass jars has grown quite handsomely. I have a small collection of blue glass jars set aside as candle holders for dining alfresco in the summer. The most recent additions are sweet little jam jars:

(This one holds my current favorite treat, Mamba Fruit Chews, but I think it would make a lovely cocktail glass too.)

With the holidays coming up, I can't think of a prettier (or simpler!) way to share baked goods:

Photo by: Ellybeth

One of our local thrift stores sells canning jars for .29¢ each. I try my hardest not to scoop their entire inventory into my arms while hissing defensively as other customers walk by.

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